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Personal Insurance

Conner-Quest Insurance Agency
Serving Lancaster, Ohio and the surrounding area since 2011

When is the last time you reviewed your personal insurance policies? Life changes happen. You might not really think they’ll affect your current insurance policies, but these changes could have an impact upon your insurance needs.

Have a discussion with your Insurance Agent each year prior to your policy renewals to make sure you are properly covered.

Personal Property and Casualty Insurance Products include:

  • Property Coverage:  Insure your home, possessions, and structures on your property.
  • Flood Insurance: Talk to your agent about why having Flood Insurance coverage is important, even if you’re not in a flood zone.
  • Auto Insurance, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicle, Boat, Snowmobile, etc. We’re going to find the right coverage for you – to cover exactly what you need and coverage that fits your budget – never just the “bare minimum”.
  • Personal Liability Umbrella: In the world today, one high-priced claim or court award could significantly impact your income and assets now and in the future. An Umbrella policy provides you up to a million dollars or more of additional liability protection at a very affordable rate.